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National Awards

National Awards for Successful Commercialisation of Indigenous Technology

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On 25th May 1998, the Prime Minister Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, announced that 11th May would henceforth be celebrated as Technology Day. He urged the industry to forge powerful partnerships with the national laboratories and to create knowledge networks with academic institutions to promote research and development and to gain entry into global markets.

For the successful commercialisation of the indigenous technology

Consequently, the Technology Development Board instituted a National Award for successful commercialisation of indigenous technology by an industrial concern.

The National Award of Rs. 10 Lakhs is shared equally between the industrial concern that has successfully commercialised the indigenous technology and the developer/ provider of such technology.

For the successful commercialisation of a technology - based product by an SSI unit

The Technology Development Board introduced, from May 2001, another cash award of Rs. 2 lakhs to be given to a SSI unit that has successfully commercialised a product based on indigenous technology.

1. Cash award of Rs. 10 lakh each to -

(a) An industrial concern which has successfully commercialised an indigenous technology,

(b) The developer / provider of such technology. In-house R&D units can also be the developer/ provider of the technology.

2. Cash award of Rs. 2 lakh to -

An SSI unit which has successfully commercialised a product based on indigenous technology.
Awards will be given annually on the Technology Day i.e. 11th May

For further details please contact: Secretary, Technology Development Board

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